Commercial photography, also known as advertising photography, is used for the promotion and marketing of a product or service. Commercial real estate photographers take pictures of buildings and properties for commercial purposes. During commercial shoots, a photographer usually works within specific guidelines to produce the best results. As a Long Island real estate photographer our goal is to capture the best images to showcase properties. Here are commercial real estate photography tips to help you along.

Commercial Real Estate Photography Tips

Commercial real estate photography requires knowledge, tools and talent.

While commercial real estate photography can be less common than residential real estate photography, there are some photographers who specialize in commercial shoots.

In real estate photography the term commercial applies to photographs that will be applied mainly for commercial use.

One difference between residential and commercial real estate photography are the usage rights. Typically residential photos have limited licenses and are used only until the home is sold.

Commercial real estate photography usually has fewer licensing restrictions, longer usage terms, and more permissions allowing for use which gives the images longer “shelf life”.

Commercial real estate photography can make or break an impending sale. This means the highest quality images are needed. Some tips include, decluttering the space, effective styling, the right time of day, proper composition and framing which all contribute to shooting beautiful photographs.

For example, if a photographer is hired to take pictures of a bar in the city and the bar owner wanted to use the images to promote the business for their website print or for media, this would be considered commercial photography.

While pricing for photography varies, typically commercial real estate photography can be more expensive than residential.