Real Estate Photography Tips

Simply put, quality photographs of real estate properties make a great first impression and get properties noticed. Sellers and agents with attractive photo portfolios have customers that are more likely to inquire about a property. More interest and inquiries lead to more showings, higher offers and eventually the sale. A Long Island real estate photographer can really make a difference in the representation of a listing. Here are some real estate photography tips to help you along.

Excellent Real Estate Photography

Great photos include both the interior and exterior of a property. Photographs not only need to look beautiful but also need to inspire the onlooker with the desire to take the next step. Consider these tips for making great real estate images.


The best time to take photos is when the sun is brightest-usually late in the morning to early afternoon. The natural lighting showcases every corner of the home’s interior, making rooms appear open and welcoming.

Outside, the property pictured with blue skies as a backdrop allows the photographer to highlight focal points such as architectural details and landscaping.

Artificial Lighting

While daytime and natural light is optimal, often captivating photos taken at night provide a different aesthetic that is appealing. For example, pictures taken at night with professional outdoor lighting for a patio or pool, grand windows, or doors showcase these outdoor features.

Room by Room

Another great tip is to photograph the selling point of each room. Selling points could be windows and the natural light they provide. Or, it could be a cozy reading nook. Buyers want to picture themselves in the home and how they can utilize what it offers.

Editing and Touch-Ups

Photos often need to be “cleaned-up” with color correction or if there are shadows and uneven lighting. Some basic editing goes a long way in making the pictures look their best. But, don’t go overboard; the pictures need to look natural.

The purpose of real estate photography is to capture a property’s best selling points. Quality photos are a vital marketing tool for agents and their sellers.